To long for you, in a tired way

by slinky johnny

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Love's Body Double
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Love's Body Double a splendid slowfolk album with the the highly-personal internal tempo of bedroom pop. Favorite track: Radiant Historia.
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from dust to dust, I'd cover up with the shadows and sleep on your wooden floor.

an album by Carlos Dias


released January 1, 2017

"Lonely Gas Station" written and performed by Niamh Marlow.
"See You in My Dreams" features a guitar track by Gustavo Nieri.

Cover picture kindly provided by Ikeda Satoru:



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slinky johnny São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Sydney
love boats and the key that frees the doves
clean water for the man who made this song
been wondering if the earth was really flat
would we be able to fall off the edge

went to sleep as a boy
woke up as a man
i trace it back to you
when i think of there
even though we were
never there

a bed that you would rather not sleep in
the day you die feels like the day it all begins
monetary and contemporary frustration

i'm not the bass player

love boats and the key that locks the doves
new sensations and the first morning ghost
such a pleasure to be here
anywhere else
would be such a tragedy
Track Name: Crystal of Salt
i'm just inside this ribcage
waiting for something new
stars reach out and talk away the day today they're not okay

they too dream of a state of perception in which they won't have to think anymore

they too like to be true stay loose be put to use and use or reuse
it falls apart a single bark of a dog in an empty room
our days are like crystals of salt contrasted with the sweetest drink
Track Name: The Drain
away from the dream
away from the drain

and theres a butterfly in the back of your hand
and it prays to its lord that you will not wave it
so it can have a moment of life
before its soul is taken away

away from the dream
away from the drain

and with its limited power against its surroundings
there was not too much it wanted to do
other than hang on
and so it does

and now i long for you in a tired way
and there's this one thought that just won't come about
i've never been this curious about
anything as my thoughts all roam away
Track Name: How Do You See Death?
how do you see life?

is it a field of flowers with diamonds and sapphires
or would rather stay inside

and how do you see life?

does your body feel like a prison cell without windows
or is it a temple
that houses your soul

how do you see death?

is it a dark old tunnel
that takes you to nowhere
or is it just the light in the end of it that leads you down
to a place with no irony

wasteless joy
Track Name: No Cadets
outside there's a real good kind of anonymous guy who will fall in love with you
i know it's oblivious, dark and mysterious lost in a thought of lonely times

but the truth is, it all goes by.
yeah the truth is, it all goes by.

watch out if you don't look out for the wasteless amounts of thoughts then what's left to talk about?
yeah i guess this one's also abstract without any singularity that will make me wanna show it to you, little girl.

but by the time i'm done moving out i'm sure i'll have found something in my mind to talk about.
and when i'm out i'll look at the sky and look at the clouds and i will see myself.
there's 2 sides of a coin i see and both of them take you back to me, girl chances are.
inside i'm reckless, with a necklace, oh the man i am.

strong girl
Track Name: See You in My Dreams
See you in my dreams
you're everything you want to be

See you in my dreams
where you're everything you want to be.

counted the trees, then in my knees I asked you please. let the night be whatever it wants to be. this night is a girl with flowers in her hair laying by the daisies. this night is a girl who wants to have a bad dream about something she doesn't know, soon enough she'll find out and when she does, oh when she does.

see you in my dreams, you're everything you want to be.
Track Name: Surveillance
saw a bear in a mountain by the sea and i knew it was for me to see
safe and free, around his family
without the need for surveillance

hello dear, i'm happy to see that you're still so young and so full of beauty (oh no)
can you be anything but this obstacle in my sleep?

oh a breeze of humanity, he let his ears fall down and the years pass by.
Track Name: Radiant Historia
if we were to release the dogs, who would run first and where to?
if the sun was to collapse, would the paths of our fragile souls be drawn (by a fragile girl)?

tigers growls out of fear of dark, aware of the extent of his control of the food chain.
Track Name: The Same Moon as the Wrong Kiss
gave it a name
then walked out the door

child of the night
aim for the moon

way to black out
men from the sky
looked in my eyes

another side
dreams of the captain

now it is time
drop a goodbye
Track Name: Lay With You
sitting and waiting in an empty street
i can't control my breath
i cant control my heart beating too fast
pushing against the borders of the dream
i can't believe it works for you
i can't believe it works for anyone at all

i want to lay with you
lay with you

as the stars are phased by your presence and the moon
doesn't have much to say to you
you made her shy
its just the two of us so close and so far away
for 16 years
until you moved away
and was it all just a big conspiracy
to make me into a plain sad sight
still wanna lay with you
lay with you
Track Name: Lonely Gas Station
Lights go out all I can see are the shadows of my bedroom. I close my eyes but my mind lights up like a bright and lonely gas station on a road that nobody goes, a road that everybody turns a blind eye to. I could leave this house I could walk and walk for miles and I'd still be in the same room. I could leave this place and disappear forever and from the sight and the mind of my lies and disguise and I'd still be on the same road.
Track Name: Endpiece
what is it with people's need for organization and establishment of rules
what on earth do i have to do with your crazy plan of life
calm down just slow it down
you made every rule that you wanna follow
and there's no use for that

the end of an era, how do you feel about the end of the world? extraterrestrial life? artificial life? invention of the auto-mobile?

and when life peaks, who do you have to thank for helping you achieve nothing?
and when you reach the end, maybe a deathbed, what will be on your mind?
Track Name: Method of Collision
if you were not a special case
i would protest i would scream back
its a sick world, she chose the wrong side
a twisted view she sees it a blessing
i wouldn't like to be around her all the time

can i be the true change?
a method of collision
disregarded by the allies
loved by the enemies
a sight with no end
its way too high up here
i can see all the mountains
watching them from above
replying to my calling
i'm the first to ever know
beautiful adorant
she's in love
Track Name: Intimacy
oh, a breeze of humanity. he let his ears fall down and the years pass by.