by slinky johnny

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this is beyond life and death

recorded mostly between august-september 2016
an album by Carlos Dias


released October 5, 2016



all rights reserved


slinky johnny São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Bed
hey man who is that laying in my bed
how did she get here are you out of breath
building up these walls forgot my pick axe

hey man who is that laying in my bed
please remove the sheets before the disease spreads
if i were to ask about last night
would i regret that decision well nevermind

hey man who is that dying in my bed
should we give her the pill or just watch instead
Track Name: Love
fell in love too soon
Track Name: Stryker
look at him go
on a battle with the creator
boy i wish you luck.

you know that you're strong
even though you feel just like pluton
you come rushing from up above

spilling out words
and saliva off the tip of his tongue
he's got diamond dust in his lungs

hes a war

the night is young
such a shame you cannot take her out
her daddy's rising bringing back the drought

dont strike a pose
do you now regret the life you chose?
you're the only one who really knows

you're all fucking dumb
how can you all be so fucking dumb
you are all so fucking goddamn dumb

hes a war
Track Name: Refuse (A Dying Man Dances to No Music At All)
a single raindrop in my head

a single thought of you in my head
makes it spiral in a way i wont forget
a dying man dances to no music at all
as we refuse to admit
we wont ever love anyone else at all
Track Name: Fronter
they'll open their eyes on a sunny day and think hey man this is great
isn't it great

they're first and foremost leeches that cralw in the pieces of cake that we leave for them to find

a meaningless form of existence a waste of space and oxygen
waste of oxygen

inflict some pain in that small closed mind of yours then go fuck yourself

fronter, he's a fronter.
he's a fronter, he's an asshole.
Track Name: Werewolf (Hunter of The Full Moon)
have you been hunting on a full moon?
does it help you occupy your time?
do police sirens still bother you?
you dont need that ugly alibi no more

have you been hunting on a full moon?
this time it's just forbiden love
desperate for a spark of light
he'd do anything to be born a little earlier

now when you close your eyes
can you peek into your past life?
now tell me am i there
you cant see it cause you dont want to

yeah i'm hunting on a full moon
hunter of the full moon
yeah i've been hunting on a full moon
fool of the honeymoon

have you been hunting on a full moon
hunter of the full moon
yeah i've been hunting on a full moon
hunter of the full moon
Track Name: Serotonin
bring up the levels of serotonin disasemble the system that made you cry

interior designer picked up the right colors to make you feel something or nothing at all

severe dysphoria

layers and layers of bricks to prevent the most precious of feelings from coming up

say one more word before you walk back in i dont know when your voice will hit my ears again

makes me feel stupid it makes me feel stupid its the one thing makes me feel less vain

the fish are all dead

see it's not my choice it's written in my blood and there's absolutely nothing that i can do

how many years untill we meet again we are two different people the old us are dead.
Track Name: Box
dilute the compounds of our bodies
put it in a box
send it to our future children
hope it wont get lost